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What is Realpolitik

World Politics and the Challenges for International Security
The theoretical outlook prescribing that countries should increase their power and wealth to compete with and domestic other countries.
Published in Chapter:
Global Security and Political Problems of the 21st Century
Nika Chitadze (International Black Sea University, Georgia)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 72
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9586-2.ch002
The purpose of this research is consideration and analysis of the main security and political problems of the world, which are connected with the arms race and arms control; problems of the proliferation the weapons of mass destruction; protection of human rights; failed states; the nuclear potential of the different countries; existence of the nuclear-weapons-free zones in the different regions of the world; problems related to the reduction of the conventional arms, arms supplies, arms trade, problems of organized crime, international terrorism in the framework of which there are discussed the different types of terrorism, the methods that are used by terrorist organizations for the implementation their activities, problems related to the enlargement of democracy and violation of the fundamental principles of human rights, etc.
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Promoting Awareness of Human Trafficking Through Innovative Educational Technology Using the Holocaust as Historical Reference
This is a concept of pragmatic politics with disregard for ethics. As such, it refers to the concept of politically addressing conditions and things in terms of the reality of situations as opposed to any idealism.
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