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What is Graphic Novel

Handbook of Research on Scholarly Publishing and Research Methods
Book length story in comic strip format.
Published in Chapter:
Information Architecture and the Comic Arts: Knowledge Structure and Access
Lesley S. J. Farmer (California State University – Long Beach, USA)
Copyright: © 2015 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-7409-7.ch013
Information architecture is the structural design of shared information environments, optimizing users' interaction with that content and their context. Comic arts may be considered in light of information architecture in that it uses sequential frames, text, and their “containers,” and design conventions as information architectural “tools” to represent information and engage the user in interacting with it. This chapter explains information architecture, focusing on comic arts' features for representing and structuring knowledge. Then it details information design theory and information behaviors relative to this format, also noting visual literacy. Next, applications of comic arts in education are listed. With this background, several research methods that combine information design and comic arts are explained, followed by a concrete research example. It also recommends strategies for addressing information architecture explicitly for knowledge acquisition and communication.
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Using Award-Winning and Award-Nominated Graphic Novels to Support Science and Social Studies Content Knowledge
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Expanding Literacy and Textual Work With Comics and Digital Instruction
A prestige term that usually applies to a larger work in comics form, often used as a way of legitimizing the medium.
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About Some Spanish Graphic Novels in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic: Cathartic Panels for the End of the World
An author-centered movement which claims, for the comics medium as an art, an absolute formal and thematic freedom, not dependent on business conditions. Likewise, it is conceived to appeal mainly to adult cross-sectional readers, who may be interested in reading a work not because a love for comics is prevalent to them but because of circumstantial motivations or because its specific topic converges with readers’ interests in other artistic media. In contrast to conventional mainstream comics, they often reflect personal and intimate elements concerning its creators.
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Film as a Text Situated With Other Multimodal Texts
A contained volume of extended work in comic book/visual format, including the grammatical features of panels, tiers, and gutters.
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Can We Talk About These Graphic Novels?: School Librarians, Censorship, and Comics
A format of material for nonfiction and fictional stories. Most often, they blend visual imagery and text to help the reader create meaning. Also considered long-form comics.
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