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What is Green Design

Handbook of Research on Current Trends in Asian Economics, Business, and Administration
It is an approach that considers protecting human health and minimizing the harmful effects of humans on the environment.
Published in Chapter:
Green Management Policies for Corporate Success
Gözde Mert (Nişantaşı University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8486-6.ch021
The concept arising from the relationship between organization, society, and environment is green management. Ensuring sustainability by redesigning business processes is a fundamental activity based on constantly and rapidly changing environmental conditions in an open system with the effect of globalization. Thus, designing future organizations will strengthen by applying environmental policies. One of the conditions to achieve corporate success is green management policies. Putting green management policies into practice is essential and valuable for the future vision of an organization. The organization will set its corporate goals and subgoals in line with this vision. Moreover, the organization will be able to increase competitive capacity by standing out amongst the competitors in favor of performance arising from these policy implementations. This study, for this purpose, scrutinized the contributions of green management policies to the success of organizations.
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Design and the Virtual Organization
New perspective of design that is concerned with the sustainable development. According to this approach, designers have to be concerned not only with the aesthetics and functionality of the object but also with the environmental problems caused by the product during the manufacturing process, during its life span and after it becomes obsolete.
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Motivation on Problem Based Learning
Product design philosophy that treats environmental attributes as design objectives and not as constraints. It aims at incorporating those attributes without compromising performance, quality, functionality, and the useful life of the item.
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