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What is Group Support System (GSS)

Encyclopedia of Decision Making and Decision Support Technologies
A software system used for improving team productivity in collaboration tasks.
Published in Chapter:
Business Process Management Systems for Supporting Individual and Group Decision Making
Amit V. Deokar (Dakota State University, USA) and Omar F. El-Gayar (Dakota State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-843-7.ch007
The complexities involved in managing intrafunctional as well as interfunctional activities have triggered many organizations to deploy large information technology (IT) systems such as ERP and CRM. While such systems have focused mainly on providing solutions to problems such as enterprise-wide application integration and customer driven revenue management, one of the prime issues of managing coordination among activities in organizational processes has not gained adequate attention and support. Business process management (BPM) systems have emerged as a key technology primarily in the past two decades with a goal of providing process support to organizations and supporting better decision making. This article focuses on highlighting this role of BPM systems while discussing some of the recent advances and approaches from a decision making standpoint, both for supporting individual and collaborative decision making activities.
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Voice-Based Group Support Systems
A computer-based system that automates a meeting.
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Decision-Making Support Systems
An integrated computer based system composed of a communication sub-system and model-driven DMSS (DSS), to support problem formulation and potential solution of unstructured decision problems in a group meeting.
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Culture and Anonymity in GSS Meetings
Any combination of hardware and software that enhances groupwork.
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A Support System for the Strategic Scenario Process
By definition, group support systems are a collection of applications aimed at facilitating group work and communication similar to groupware. In the general hierarchy of decision support systems (DSS), GSS is placed in the branch of communication driven DSSs. GSS implementations generally feature tools for idea generation, prioritization, commenting, and discussion, packaged into a software suite.
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