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What is Guillotine Cutting

Handbook of Research on Nature-Inspired Computing for Economics and Management
Edge-to-edge cutting of materials, most commonly metals.
Published in Chapter:
How Genetic Algorithms Handle Pareto-Optimality in Design and Manufacturing
N. Chakraborti (Indian Institute of Technology, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-984-7.ch031
An informal analysis is provided for the basic concepts associated with multi-objective optimization and the notion of Pareto-optimality, particularly in the context of genetic algorithms. A number of evolutionary algorithms developed for this purpose are also briefly introduced, and finally, a number of paradigm examples are presented from the materials and manufacturing sectors, where multi-objective genetic algorithms have been successfully utilized in the recent past.
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Hybrid Genetic Metaheuristic for Two-Dimensional Constrained Guillotinable Cutting Problems
A method where parts are cut horizontally or vertically from a sheet of glass, wood, etc. from edge to edge, which is referred to as a guillotine cutting.
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