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What is Hedonic Value

Handbook of Research on Retailer-Consumer Relationship Development
A dimension of consumer perceived value associated with senses, pleasures, feelings, and emotions.
Published in Chapter:
Customer Perceived Values and Consumer Decisions: An Explanatory Model
Philip Y. K. Cheng (Australian Catholic University, Australia)
Copyright: © 2014 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6074-8.ch001
Building on findings from previous research on dimensions of Consumer Perceived Values (CPVs), an Integrated Consumer Perceived Value Model comprising utilitarian, hedonic, and social values is proposed to explain observed consumer decisions (viz. purchase or do not purchase), and to provide new frontiers for consumer behaviour research. The distinguishing if not innovative features of the proposed model are: (1) it provides a framework to investigate the competing, complementary, and compensating effects of the CPV dimensions; (2) it distinguishes the CPV dimensions that affect consumer decisions specifically and those that affect consumer decisions homogeneously; and (3) while some CPVs are generated and interact serially, other CPVs could be generated and interact in parallel.
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Shifting of Paradigm in Buying Behaviour of Digital Natives
Pleasant or unpleasant sensation derived from entertaining, emotional, and satisfactory experiences during a shopping process.
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Understanding Consumer Recommendation Behavior
Hedonic value is defined as that value a customer receives based on the subject experience of fun and playfulness (Babin et al. 1994).
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A Conceptual Framework of Value Sharing in the Sharing Economy
The degree to which a product/service arouses emotions and creates pleasant experiences.
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