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What is Hegemonic masculinity

Handbook of Research on Discourse Behavior and Digital Communication: Language Structures and Social Interaction
– the dominant masculine ideal of a given culture, a set of identity features which must include heterosexuality, and the dominant ethnicity of a particular cultural setting. The hegemonic nature of this ideal implies that the features of this masculine identity and the power it wields go uncontested by those who are dominated and devalued by it.
Published in Chapter:
‘Masculine Normal Guy Here' – Lonely Hearts and ‘Normal' Gays in Cyberspace
Martin Paviour-Smith (Massey University, New Zealand)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-773-2.ch010
This chapter examines the discourse of dating advertisements on a small-scale dating site, I analyse the deployment of linguistic resources of identity-making, in particular, the term, normal, and how members take up or reject this position. Examining the profiles as strategically managed displays of capital on the dating market reveals normal to have a number of meanings which are encoded in different ways. Many profile creators deploy the rhetorical strategy of the enthymeme to covertly define the term with respect to heterosexual norms. Others, who see the dating site as an extension to their off-line lives, define the term against the backdrop of “the gay scene”. The interpretation of identity terms such as normal requires construing the positions taken up with respect to their imagining of the community, heteronormative masculinity and understandings of gay male sociality.
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Rehabilitating Hegemonic Masculinity With the Bodies of Aging Action Heroes
It refers to a practice that legitimizes the dominant position of a certain type of men in society and justifies the subordination of both men and women in accordance to a certain standard that may include sanctions against those who do not conform or adhere to said standards.
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The Construction of the Social Reality From the News Narrative to Transmedia Storytelling: A Research on the Masculine Violence and the Social Reflexes
Indicates the encirclement of both the women and different masculinity forms lacking such a masculinity image, by the masculinity image of the men having the power in the hierarchical masculine power relations, with the help of both institutionalized patriarchal support and of cultural and social consent.
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Encountering New Risks in Educating Children in the Contemporary Society: The Risk of Cyberbullying
Legitimate masculine identity defined within the context of patriarchal structures that, define the culturally accepted ways of being male/ masculine and dominate alternative forms of masculinity and all forms of femininity.
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Sociocultural Inequalities and Economic Abuse in Intimate Partner Violence in Rural America
A socially constructed ideology that legitimizes male power and dominance and female subordination and marginalization in accessing resources and opportunities.
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Gender Transformative Change With Men: Lessons From Two Decades of Field Interventions in India
Socially constructed male behavior and practice that dominates over and subordinates women and also other men who do not follow typical gender roles.
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State, Masculinity, and the Aestheticization of Violence: An Alternative Reading of Behzat Ç
The relative socio-cultural superiority of one forms of masculinity over the others.
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“Asking the Woman Question” in Case Study Research
Practice that legitimizes men's dominant position in society and justifies the subordination of women, and other marginalized ways of being a man.
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Misogynistic Males: Mass Murders, the Incel Subculture, and Ways to Assess Risk
The dominance of masculinity evident within the most powerful social institutions and positions.
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