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What is Heritage Language

International Approaches to Bridging the Language Gap
A low- or high-incidence language spoken by an ethnic group in a given population of a social context regardless that this heritage language might be a dominant language of another given population in another social context.
Published in Chapter:
Dealing With Language Gap in a Hungarian-English Early Childhood Classroom
Eva Csillik (New York City Department of Education, USA) and Irina Golubeva (University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 27
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1219-7.ch011
The term ‘translanguaging' has been widespread in the field of Applied Linguistics in a short period of time, and just as quickly, it infiltrated in the field of Multilingual Education. Translanguaging is mostly seen as an opportunity to build on multilingual speakers' full language repertoire in the classroom in order to make sense of the world around them. At the same time, translanguaging might be seen as a threat for heritage language survival because heritage languages are forced to immerse in the mainstream language(s). The authors observed pedagogical translanguaging practices in the AraNY János Hungarian Kindergarten and School (USA) to understand how English was used in teaching the heritage language and to discover how bridging existing language gaps between speakers worked in the practices of bilingual pedagogues. The overarching aim of this study was to reveal some of the pedagogical translanguaging strategies used to deal with occurring language gaps.
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More Results
Bridging the Gap: The Use of Translanguaging in Shared Readings
A persons’ first language, learned in the home, that differs from the dominant social language.
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Teaching Refugee and Immigrant Adults: Strategies and Resources to Respect and Develop the Languages They Speak
Unique and inherited language that carries the cultural components of previous generations.
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Roadblocks to Bilingualism
The language that children inherit from their parents (when it is different than the societal language).
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Heritage-Language Education for Japanese Children Living Abroad and the Impacts on Their Ethnic Identity: What Are Their Learning Objectives for the Japanese Language?
A language inherited from a parent, or parents, that is different from a local language used in the place where one lives.
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Culturally Sustaining Film Pedagogies
minority languages learned and spoken in homes or communities.
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Exploring Electronic Portfolio Assessment With Secondary Emergent Bi/Multilingual Students
A language other than English spoken at home in the United States.
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Korean Immigrant Parents' Involvement in Children's Biliteracy Development in the U.S. Context
The language someone learns at home as a child mostly from their parents, but not dominantly used in the society they live.
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A Computer-Based Reading Tutor for Young Language Learners
The language that was principally used by an immigrant community prior to their migration to a new linguistic community. Heritage languages are often maintained by vital immigrant communities, and can be promoted by enlightened language policies as a way of enhancing the multilingual nature and cultural diversity of a community.
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Affordances and Challenges of Translanguaging Pedagogy for In-Service Content Area Teachers
A heritage language is a minority language (either immigrant or indigenous) or languages other than the dominant language (or languages) in a given social context. Heritage language is spoken by a person who has learned the language informally by being exposed to it at home.
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Latinx and Immigrant Heritage Language Maintenance
The non-societal and no majority language spoken by groups that are often known as linguistic minorities.
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Acquisition and Maintenance of the Indigenous Chamorro Language in the Youngest Generation in Guam
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