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What is Heterotopia

Enhancing Education Through Multidisciplinary Film Teaching Methodologies
A concept put forward by Michel Foucault referring to spaces embodying certain cultures that are contradictory or intense with what is outside. Examples he gave are cemeteries, bars, and prisons.
Published in Chapter:
Fourth Space Education: A Cinematic Methodology for Architectural Pedagogy
Taher Abdel-Ghani (October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5394-0.ch010
This chapter coins the concept of fourth space as a cinematic methodological tool for architectural design and interpretation. Fourth space deals with the in-between activities and events that socially construct space. As an extension to Edward Soja's theory of third space, which is the socio-mental and physical experience of space, fourth space illustrates the metaphysical narrative articulation of space, i.e. how individuals tell the story of such experience. Similar to cinematic images, it portrays temporal and spatial narratives that are subjectively composed by the viewers. The chapter puts fourth space into practice by highlighting two workshops co-organized by the author in two different institutions. Though both workshops differed in the nature of the output, the participants were asked to cinematically comprehend and reconstruct the reality and spatiality of the surrounding environment. Eventually, the author establishes fourth space as abstracted representational thinking in the design process.
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The Story of the Unborn: Fetal Narrators in Pascal Bruckner, Chinghiz Aitmatov, and Ian McEwan's Novels
A term Foucault borrowed from medicine and used in literature in order to define a space where a certain moral or social crisis takes place.
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Sustainable Development of Cultural Tourism on Example of Botevgrad Municipality: A Model for Local Tourist Development
A real place where that, what challenges and overturns the routine, ordinary, domesticated, common-place world of man, happens.
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Service-Learning as Service to Teacher Candidates: A Pilot Study at a Midwestern University
A term coined by Michel Foucault (1926-1984), French postmodern philosopher, to designate nonhegemonic societal structures that allow individuals from historically oppressed groups to fight for social justice.
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