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What is Holistic Positive Technology

Management and Marketing for Improved Competitiveness and Performance in the Healthcare Sector
A kind of positive technology that is conceived for a wider population undergoing varying stressors or suffering from chronic stress, aimed at simultaneously improving physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being levels. It can be seen in digital tools or services that rely on techno-spiritual designs such as those found in the application called ‘HeartsApp’ which is posited to enhance the resilience of individuals, and societies in a reliable manner by instilling a sense of safety perception amongst the users of this application.
Published in Chapter:
Positive Technology: A Growing Market With a Potential to Rebuild a Resilient Society During and After the COVID-19 Crisis
Anuragini Shirish (Université Paris-Saclay, France & Université d'Évry, France & LITEM, IMT-BS, France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7263-4.ch012
Given the crucial need to bridge the mental health service divide, the author examines the emerging trends in digital well-being management by focusing on the mobile health market. Using a bottom-up perspective and leveraging literature from positive technology and generalized unsafety theory of stress, the author conceptualizes how positive technology as a mobile health solution can help end users to respond effectively to different kinds of stressors during a crisis. It is further argued that the use of positive technology can positively reverse the automatic route to mental ill health that is plausible in the absence of safety perceptions. The chapter offers a theory-driven conceptualization of digital coping through positive technology. By showing how a simple, scalable, and sustainable positive technology design can cater to different user segments, the author urges policymakers, entrepreneurs, and healthcare service providers to participate in the design, propagation, adoption, and diffusion of such holistic positive technologies for fostering societal resilience.
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