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What is Hybrid Space

Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Second Edition
Space which comprises both physical and virtual space; for example, an online virtual classroom as experienced by each learner who is also situated in a physical space that influences the online environment.
Published in Chapter:
Online Learning Community
Michelle M. Kazmer (Florida State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 6
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-198-8.ch219
The study and implementation of online learning communities emerges from two approaches related to the idea of “community.” The first approach was how people began to think about learning community, but not restricted to online settings. Learning community incorporates the idea of a cohesive, collaborative culture among members with the purpose of supporting individual learning by facilitating shared knowledge creation. The idea of a learning community, and its importance for improving learning, pre-dated most online learning, and the focus was on building communitiesto support learning regardless of setting. The second approach was that people began to inquire whether it was possible to build community online, but not for purposes restricted to learning. The idea that true community was possible via computer-mediated communication (CMC) was, and still is, contentious. However, as the years have passed since this question first emerged, the idea that community can be formed online has been increasingly accepted.
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Digital Urban Art in Historic City Centers in Times of Democratic Transition
Hybrid space is the space of combination between physical objects and digital information-communication networks; a combination between virtual and actual space, between physical concrete space and digital ephemeral space.
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Visualizing Cancer Databases Using Hybrid Spaces
A constructed space that attempts to preserve more than one property (possibly in conflict) of the original space. For example, preserving distances between objects and the class structure of the original space
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