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What is Identity Formation

Handbook of Research on Web 2.0 and Second Language Learning
In the second language learning context, identity formation refers to the development of one’s unique identity in the target language. Identity formation can also relate to the development of on-line identity through social networking sites like MySpace.
Published in Chapter:
Social Networking Sites and Critical Language Learning
Andy Halvorsen (Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, Japan)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-190-2.ch013
This chapter looks at the potential use of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) for educators and second language learners. It views SNSs broadly through the lens of Critical Language Learning (CLL) and looks at specific issues of identity formation, student empowerment, learner autonomy, and critical literacy as they relate to the use of SNSs. This chapter also reports the results of an initial project to make use of the MySpace social networking site for Japanese learners of English. It is hoped that this chapter will raise awareness of some of the complex issues surrounding the use of SNSs by language learners and that it will lead to further research and consideration of these issues.
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Professional Development to Promote Online Communication, Collaboration and Learning Among Faculty: A Community of Practice Approach
In the context of a community of practice, identity formation is an integrated component of learning. It is constructed through processes of engagement in practice and negotiation of meaning.
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Expanding the Boundaries of Learning: The Role of Vocational Orientation
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Unraveling Power Dynamics in Communities of Practice
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Building Values in Primary Education Enhancing Social and Democratic Participation
Identity formation is an essential process in which the child discovers his/her self and determines his/her values, beliefs, and social identity. This process forms the basis for the child's identity development, lasting throughout life.
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Relevant Issues that Challenge the Designing of Transformative, Liberating Online Science Courses
The process by which an individual forms their personal identity. This will occur at different times during one’s life and will consist of many stages of recognition of self-identity and the identity others may perceive based on the information disclosed by an individual. This will allow an individual to understand who they are and for others to understand them as well.
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