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What is Identity Fraud

Handbook of Research on Theory and Practice of Financial Crimes
The fraudulent use of illegally acquired personal information of an individual. It is generally interchangeably used with identity theft.
Published in Chapter:
Dark Web: A Breeding Ground for ID Theft and Financial Crimes
Annamaria Szakonyi (Saint Louis University, USA), Brian Leonard (Civil Rights University, USA), and Maurice Dawson (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5567-5.ch025
The explosion of the internet has given rise to cybercrimes, online identity theft, and fraud. With the internet, these crimes are able to occur anywhere in the world and limitless to whatever selected target. The anonymity of the internet allows criminal activity to flourish, and the number of unsuspecting victims is growing. From script kiddies to nation-states, this new method of internet-enabled crimes has strained governments. This chapter provides insight into how crimes related to online identity theft and fraud are carried out. Examined within this chapter are the evolution of cybercrime, history of identity theft, applications for internet anonymity, and discussion on effects caused by romance scams and data breaches. Finally, recommendations are provided on what organizations and individuals can do to protect themselves against these vicious crimes.
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The Complex New World of Information Security
Where someone knowingly assumes a false identity (fictitious, living or dead), with or without consent, in order to apply fraudulently for some kind of credit, service, asset or benefit, or else masquerade as the legitimate holder of an account and steals the account funds.
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Cyber Security Competency Model Based on Learning Theories and Learning Continuum Hierarchy
This is an unauthorized use of another person’s personally identifiable information, such as social security, driver’s license, credit card numbers, user names, and passwords for illegal financial benefit.
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Cyber Identity Theft
Identity fraud is the use of false and/or stolen identities to obtain money, goods, services or other benefits.
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