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What is Identity Verification

Developing Next-Generation Countermeasures for Homeland Security Threat Prevention
The process is confirming the claimed identity of a person based on biometric matching against database records.
Published in Chapter:
On Using Gait Biometrics for Re-Identification in Automated Visual Surveillance
Imed Bouchrika (University of Souk Ahras, Algeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0703-1.ch008
As surveillance becomes ubiquitous in such modern society due to the immense increase of crimes and the rise of terrorism activities, various government and military funded projects are devoted to research institutions to work on improving surveillance technology for the safety of their citizens. Because of the rapid growth of security cameras and impossibility of manpower to supervise them, the integration of biometric technologies into surveillance systems would be a critical factor for the automation of identity tracking over distributed cameras with disjoint views i.e. Re-Identification. The interest of using gait biometrics to re-identify people over networks of cameras emerges from the fact that the gait pattern can be captured and perceived at a distance as well as its non-invasive and less-intrusive nature.
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Cybersecurity and Electronic Services Oriented to E-Government in Europe
Is a process that ensures a person’s identity matches the one that is supposed to be. Identity verification ensures that there is a real person behind a process and proves that the one is who he or she claims to be, preventing both a person from carrying out a process on our behalf without authorization, and creating false identities or commit fraud.
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