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What is Immutable

Industry Use Cases on Blockchain Technology Applications in IoT and the Financial Sector
An immutable record object is one whose state cannot be modified after it is created, except through a ‘consensus’ mechanism involving all other participants. This implies that a records cannot be altered or deleted once it has been created, unless consensus is achieved.
Published in Chapter:
Blockchain Technology for Records Management in Botswana and Zimbabwe
Olefhile Mosweu (University of Johannesburg, South Africa) and Forget Chaterera-Zambuko (Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi, UAE & University of South Africa, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6650-3.ch003
The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) has ushered in several emerging and disruptive technologies. Southern Africa's records management practices have for a long time been reported to lag behind in embracing new technologies. Several studies have revealed lack of requisite skills to manage electronic records while others still lament the un-procedural management of paper records. The intention of this chapter is, therefore, to initiate a discourse that challenges information management practitioners to embrace disruptive technologies lest they themselves get disrupted. There are several emerging technologies, but this chapter focuses on blockchain technology and its possible benefits for records management. Guided by the technology acceptance model, the study established that archivists and records managers in Botswana and Zimbabwe would adopt blockchain if it is easy to use and useful for records management. The chapter ends by proposing a model for the adoption of blockchain technology for records management.
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The Development of Decentralized Governance Models for Web 3 Ecosystems
data that is permanently stored on a blockchain and cannot be changed or removed.
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Application of Blockchain in Libraries and Information Centers
An object or record which state cannot be altered, tampered or edited after it is created.
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New Era in the Supply Chain Management With Blockchain: A Survey
Records processed in blockchain are linked with their predecessors avoiding their modification or elimination. The manipulation of the information is unlikely since the entire chain should be altered which implies enormous computing power.
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