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What is Teacher Efficacy

Handbook of Research on Field-Based Teacher Education
A teacher’s belief in their ability to promote student learning.
Published in Chapter:
Increasing Teacher Efficacy Through Rural Partnerships
Ann Schulte (California State University – Chico, USA) and Rebecca Justeson (California State University – Chico, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6249-8.ch009
The rural teacher residency (RTR) program at California State University – Chico was a program funded by a Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grant from 2010-2015. The RTR program prepared teachers through partnerships with four school districts in the rural region of northern California. This residency program was designed to provide targeted training and experience in co-teaching, action research, professional learning communities, and collaboration. In addition, RTR faculty hoped to impact the retention of teachers for hard-to-staff schools such as those with underserved students and/or in rural settings. The purpose of the chapter is to briefly overview the design features of the RTR program and to describe the qualitative data analysis of an evaluation of the program (i.e., focus groups, survey, observations/interviews) at the conclusion of the grant funding cycle.
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Leading Transformational Experiences for K-8 Teachers: How to Build Capacity to Implement Innovative Practices
A judgment of his or her capabilities to bring about desired outcomes of student engagement and learning, even among those students who may be difficult or unmotivated ( Bandura, 1977 ).
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When 1+1 Did Not Equal 2: A Practitioner's Reflective Vignette
Teacher efficacy is the personal beliefs a teacher holds about his/her ability to teach and to help students learn.
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Stepping Stones to STEM: One School's Journey to Revamp and Revitalize the STEM Curriculum
The belief teachers hold about their own abilities and knowledge to teach and help students learn.
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How Mentorship, Critical Thinking, and Self-Efficacy Impact Pre-Service Teachers and Teacher Educators in P-12 and Higher Education
Stemming from self-efficacy, teacher efficacy is the belief a teacher has on his or her own influential capabilities of affecting a student and the said student’s learning outcome, whether or not the student has a low motivation or ability to learn.
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A Guide to Professional Learning for Secondary Mathematics Teachers
Teacher efficacy is a teacher’s beliefs in her/his ability to be successful with her/his students. This includes working with the “difficult” students.
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