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What is Inculturation

Handbook of Research on Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Conflicts and Their Impact on State and Social Security
Implantation of religious referents from a culture, where prevailing the faith to another where faith is unknown or ignored, this as consequence of communication and bidirectional cultural flow among actors.
Published in Chapter:
Internal Migration, Ethnicity, and Acculturation Strategies in Peru 2020
Israel Barrutia Barreto (Innova Scientific, Peru), Elias Saturnino Toledo Espinoza (Enrique Guzmán y Valle National University of Education, Peru), Sipriana Lila Toledo Espinoza (Enrique Guzmán y Valle National University of Education, Peru), and Renzo Antonio Seminario Córdova (Innova Scientific, Peru)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8911-3.ch012
The objective of this study was to explore the acculturation strategies present in the ethnic groups in the internal migration process in Peru, from the self-perception of social well-being and psychological acculturation, as conflict prevention factors. The study methodology was non-experimental and cross-sectional, comprising a non-probabilistic sample of 214 migrants of Quechua ethnic origin residing in Lima and Callao. The results indicated that just over half of the participants perceive themselves as integrated or assimilated to the host society. The results of the research show the prevalence of acculturation strategies linked to social welfare, where internal immigrants of Quechua origin and language seek integration into the environment that enables the performance of roles in the public and private spheres that facilitate adaptation processes and minimization of conflicts.
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More Results
Phenomenological Approach to African Theology
This talks about the importation of African culture into Christian theologizing. It sees the African culture to be an important source for theological reflection in Africa.
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Culture in Conflict With Childhood Training and Religious Leadership in Nigeria: Lessons From Daniel
The rooting and reception of a certain cultural practices in a particular into another cultural area.
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