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What is Independent Living

Handbook of Research on ICTs for Human-Centered Healthcare and Social Care Services
There are organizations and associations to promote the possibility of every people to live independently.
Published in Chapter:
Independent Living Support for Disabled and Elderly People using Cell Phones
Begoña García Zapirain (University of Deusto, Spain) and Amaia Mendez Zorrilla (University of Deusto, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-3986-7.ch020
This chapter presents a technological solution to promote and help independent access to work for disabled people using Smart Phones. A deep state of the art about smart phones technologies and about examples of other projects is presented. The aim is to develop a form of technical assistance that supports them in the control of schedules, prevention of dangerous areas in the work place, warnings, and automatic alarm generation. The device chosen to exchange all this information is a Smartphone based on Android Operating System and GPS technology. A set of Android applications have been developed using Java language, and controlling the device via Google-developed Java libraries. All of these are connected to the Server Application through the Communications Module. The server Application Module provides the assistants or psychologists the possibility of supervise all the handicapped people’s activities. The assistants, psychologists, and users have all evaluated the application very positively as it covers disabled people’s needs perfectly.
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More Results
Use of Assistive Technology to Empower Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
The ability or skill to live and cope up independently in the social system.
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Catering for Personal Autonomy with E-Mentoring Supported by Recommendations
ability to perform the activities of daily life with no or little help from others.
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Projects from the Orange Foundation in Favour of People with Obstacles to Communication
Ability to perform the activities of daily life with no or little help from others.
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Unobtrusive Smart Environments for Independent Living and the role of Mixed Methods in Elderly Healthcare Delivery: The USEFIL Approach
Living without the need of support from other people or from medical equipment that requires frequent human supervision. In the context of eldercare, independent living is seen as a step in the continuum of care, with assisted living being the next step.
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A Holistic Infrastructure to Support Elderlies' Independent Living
Ability for elderly people to live longer without the need of assistance from other persons.
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Optimizing Transition Outcomes for DHH Students: A Case Study Analysis
The range of self-advocacy, self-determination, self care and safety, mental and physical health, socialization and friendships, marriage and family, recreation and leisure, and community participation knowledge and skills that students need to become fully independent and successful adults in their communities.
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Postsecondary Transition Planning: Starting Sooner Than Later
Or daily living skills are defined as hygiene, dressing, food preparation, eating, purchasing, money, safety, and other skills that allow people with disabilities to live alone (Garguilo & Bouck, 2017 AU12: The in-text citation "Garguilo & Bouck, 2017" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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