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What is Informal Settlement

International Perspectives on Modern Developments in Early Childhood Education
Also known as slum or squatter settlement, it is defined by the UN-Habitant (2003, p. 9) AU87: The in-text citation "UN-Habitant (2003, p. 9)" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. as a place having poor quality housing with the insanitariest conditions. Often informal settlement is constructed on illegally land without compliance or planning or building regulations.
Published in Chapter:
Building Academic Foundation Through Investing in Early Childhood Education and Development in South African Informal Settlement
Ndwakhulu Stephen Tshishonga (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2503-6.ch014
In the developing world alone, there are over 200 million children who are in need of immediate early childhood development interventions. Most affected by poor or lack of quality ECD are the poor and those children in low income households. Early childhood development interventions protect children against the effects of poverty, poor nutrition, inadequate healthcare, and a lack of education. Globally, various ECD programme interventions in communities clearly indicate that communities and families want quality ECD programmes for their children at a cost that is affordable. In South Africa, quality early childhood development interventions could have a significant effect in reducing poverty and inequality. This chapter interrogates the challenges and benefits of extending quality ECE & D particularly to disadvantaged and materially deprived children in South African informal settlements. The chapter is based empirical research as well as secondary data in the form of books, book chapters, and accredited journals.
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Basic Education Provision in Kenya's Urban Informal Settlements
An urban area inhabited by a group of people or households and characterized by durable housing, sufficient living space, access to safe water, adequate sanitation, and security of tenure that prevents forced evictions
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A Twin-Track Approach for Informal Settlements Restructuring in Response to the Impact of COVID-19: A Case Study
A residential area in or near urban areas where housing is constructed spontaneously on land that is not owned or legally controlled by the occupants, characterized by a special social fabric. It presents a challenging environment for urban planning efforts due to inadequate living conditions, lack of basic urban services/infrastructure, and lack of property rights.
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