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What is Information Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Exploring Intersectionality and Women in STEM
An umbrella terms referring to a wide range of software and hardware technology components such as computer, telecommunication, internet, video and digital cameras that can be used by teachers to support their work.
Published in Chapter:
Physical Sciences Teachers Integrating Information and Communication Technologies in Education 4.0: Exploring Enablers and Constraints
Colani Khoza (University of South Africa, South Africa) and Leila Goosen (University of South Africa, South Africa)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-1119-6.ch004
The purpose of the study reported on in this chapter is to evaluate how effectively physical sciences secondary school teachers are integrating information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the context of Education 4.0 and one of the northern districts in the city of Tshwane, Gauteng province, South Africa. Against the background of exploring intersectionality and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the chapter will be exploring enablers and constraints in this regard.
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Accountable Care and Evidence-Based Decision Making
Computers and mobile devices such as iPads and mobile phones that support electronic data and communication exchanges.
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Digital Technology in Kindergarten: Challenges and Opportunities
The collective term given to a broad range of digital technologies which enable access to and sharing of information and provide a means of communication. For example; smart phone, iPad, interactive whiteboard and computer.
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Gender and ICT Policy for Development and Empowerment: A Critique of a National ICT Policy
These are diverse in nature and to a certain extent intertwined and interrelated. They can include radio, television, landline telephones and the internet as well as mobile phones and other devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).
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