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What is Information Technologies

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
The tools that are generating, accumulating, and, protecting information.
Published in Chapter:
Information Technologies and Social Change
Muhammet Ali Köroğlu (Uşak University, Turkey) and Cemile Zehra Köroğlu (Uşak University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch409
There are turning points in human history changed the destiny of humanity: Representing the transition from hunting-gathering to agriculture, Agricultural Revolution or the Neolithic Revolution. French Revolution that took place in 18th century and the Industrial Revolution providing the transition from the agricultural economy to industrial economy. From 19th century, Information Revolution, the whole world has experienced the effects of it in varying degrees. Information Science and technologies have become areas that their communities give the greatest importance for them and they make maximum investments to them in the globalized world conditions. As Daniel Bell describes, Industrial society left its place to Post-industrial society which is an Information society in a sense.
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Calm Technologies as the Future Goal of Information Technologies
Collections of technological fields that develop simultaneously and interdependently.
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Opinions of Social Work Students on Technology Use and Ethics in Social Work Practices
Information technologies are the use of technologies to store, receive, transmit, operate, and process data or information.
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Digital Communication in the Inclusive Classroom
A wide class of disciplines and areas of activity related to management technologies and processing, as well as data creation, including with the use of computing technology. Recently, computer technologies have understood under information technology. In particular, IT is dealt with computers and software for storage, transformation, protection, processing, transmission and receipt of information. Computer technology and programming specialists are called IT specialists.
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Software Engineering Education
Technologies for various activities related to information, such as acquisition, creation, communication, dissemination, processing, archival, retrieval, transformation, and so on, within the context of the Internet and the Web.
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Effective Use of Embedded Platforms in the Development of Experiments for Enhancing the Interests of STEAM Students in Mexico
a set of technological infrastructure resources such as computers, storage and internet access with software resources which enable us to create, exchange, process, and store electronic data.
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Technostress: Information Overload and Coping Strategies
It is the infrastructure and components that make modern computing possible.
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Exploring the M-Government
Instruments that allow data transmission through distance, which can be done as voice, image, symbol or data.
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