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What is Underrepresented Groups

Technology Leadership for Innovation in Higher Education
A group that is less represented in one subset (e.g., employees in a particular sector, such as IT) than in the general population. This can refer to gender, race/ethnicity, physical or mental ability, LGBTQ+ status, and many more. Also referred to as minorities, underrepresented minorities, or marginalized populations.
Published in Chapter:
Innovation Through Diversity and Inclusion: A Roadmap for Higher Education Information Technology Leaders
Brenna Deanne Miaira Kutch (Portland State University, USA) and Juliana Sayumi Miaira Kutch (Portland State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 30
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7769-0.ch003
IT leadership involves technology, but it is mostly about people. This chapter discusses how organizational diversity has a critical impact on innovation and the role of leaders to create an environment where everybody feels a sense of belonging and where all kinds of people can flourish through safety, awareness, hiring, mindsets, and listening. Leaders are sometimes unsure how to achieve a more inclusive culture. This chapter provides research, definitions, details, and actionable recommendations for change so that leaders can create an organization where diverse employees can thrive and innovate for the benefit of the university and its community.
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Collaborative Preparation in Equity-Based Practices to Support Minoritized Students With High-Intensity Needs
A term referring to groups who have been denied access or opportunity and/or suffered past institutional discrimination in the US. This has often included people who are Black, Asian American, Latinx, Native American, and individuals with disabilities.
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Providing Near-Peer Mentorship to Increase Underrepresented Minority Youth Participation in Computing
Used to describe groups or communities that make up a smaller percentage than a larger subgroup within a population.
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STEM Education in Rural Areas: From Research to Reality
Refers to populations who are not represented in STEM professions in proportions equal to White STEM workers. This term typically refers to minority groups, but may also refer to females.
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