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What is Program Review

Enhancing Learning Design for Innovative Teaching in Higher Education
A formal evaluation of the program curriculum, activities, etc. to determine what is working, what needs to be improved or added, and what needs to be changed in the program.
Published in Chapter:
Innovative Curriculum Design: A Disruptive Approach
Sophia Palahicky (Royal Roads University, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2943-0.ch006
Learning outcomes are often referred to as the foundation of the curriculum and some scholars see them as “first elements” with precedence over other curriculum aspects. Nevertheless, when learning outcomes drive the curriculum design process, this can hinder creativity and collaboration. This chapter describes a disruptive approach to curriculum design that shifts the focus off learning outcomes and instead emphasizes collaboration and blueprint design to enable innovative curriculum design. A definition of innovative curriculum design is included in this chapter to enhance the scholarly literature and deepen understanding about this topic. In addition, this chapter describes an innovative approach to program review practices and features the design, development, and implementation of a recently developed program mapping application (PMA).
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The Evolving Role of Community Colleges in Workforce Development
The process of reviewing an educational program to determine if it is meeting the stated objectives and outcomes.
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Institutional Effectiveness: How an Integrative Approach Drives Achievement
An evaluation of the quality of an academic program as a means of ensuring continuous improvement.
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Assessing Outcomes in a Technical Communication Capstone
An expansive process of evaluating academic programs which incorporates the use of data from multiple sources
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Ongoing and Systematic Academic Program Review
A semi-formal approach, a form of participant-oriented program evaluation, used to determining the performance of people within academic programs, including faculty, staff, and students.
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