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What is Inspirational Motivation

Quality Management Principles and Policies in Higher Education
An inducement that increases follower’s cognitive and behavioral patterns to accept challenging tasks and achieve desirable results.
Published in Chapter:
Leadership and Innovative Approaches in Higher Education
Sulaiman Olusegun Atiku (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) and Richmond Anane-simon (Pentecost University College, Ghana)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1017-9.ch005
The place of leadership support for technological innovation in advancing quality management in higher education cannot be underrated in the fourth industrial revolution. This chapter examines the role of leadership in higher education and innovative teaching and learning methods for quality assurance in higher education system. The literature review approach and author observation were adopted to cross-examine the influence of leadership on innovative teaching/learning methods and quality assurance in higher education. This chapter shows that leadership support for innovative teaching and learning methods is a benchmark for quality assurance in higher education in recent times. Therefore, no meaningful change will happen in any higher institution without a strong leadership support for innovation and quality management. Policymakers in higher education should create a climate that promotes creativity and innovation by ensuring that transformational leaders are at the helm of affairs for quality management.
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Exploring the Transformational Head Teachers' Diversity Practices in Primary Schools of Bangladesh
A crucial aspect of transformational leadership is inspirational motivation, which refers to a leader's capacity to convince their people with a compelling vision and a feeling of purpose. When setting high expectations and goals for their team or company, leaders with inspirational motivation create a distinct and motivational vision of the future.
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Transformational Leadership and Innovative Work Behavior of Employees: Two Sides of the Story
One of the factors of transformational leadership. These leaders are seen as charismatic, they can create an enticing picture of the future and strategic plans and as such give a big sense of purpose to their followers.
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Exploring Transformational Head Teachers' Practices of Digitalization in the Primary School
Creating a compelling vision and encouraging excitement and optimism are two ways that leaders can inspire and motivate their followers. This notion of inspirational motivation is related to transformational leadership. Leaders with inspirational motivation have the capacity to articulate a compelling future vision, establishing high standards and objectives for their followers. They effectively communicate the mission and goals of the group or team, giving their followers' work a sense of direction and significance.
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