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What is Institutional Racism

Handbook of Research on Practices for Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education
Discrimination or unequal treatment on the basis of membership of a particular ethnic group arising from systems, structures or expectations that have become established within an institution or organisation.
Published in Chapter:
Diversity and Racism in Higher Education: The Six Stages Framework
Aishling Dempsey (University of Strathclyde, UK), Shungu M'gadzah (Inclusion Psychologists Ltd., UK), and Shakara Dellis Watson (University College London, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9628-9.ch018
This chapter explores racism in university and its detrimental impact on students and staff of colour in the UK. The authors propose The Six Stages Framework as an effective assessment tool to assist individuals in their journey to understanding and challenging racism. With this, it is hoped that individuals can tackle cultures of racism perpetuated by implicit biases. A case study analysis explores the lived experience of racism within a UK university. This sheds light on the devastating impact of lack of diversity, cognitive dissonance, and racist cultures among university staff, systems, and students. This case study demonstrates the usefulness of The Six Stages Framework in framing the causes of racist behaviour and as a communication tool to explain why racial abuse may take place.
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More Results
The Intersectionality of Race and Trauma in Children and Teens Who Are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)
Racial attitudes, traditions, beliefs, myths, and opinions held by a group that have been practiced and sustained for a long period of time. They are accepted as truths and can stereotype and perpetrate negative biases towards marginalized groups.
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Conservative Discourses on Critical Race Theory: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Editorials in the New York Post
Institutional policies and practices that disadvantage members of historically marginalized groups.
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Developing the Culturally Responsive Teacher: Three Perspectives From the Frontlines
The systemic distribution of resources, power, and opportunity in our society to benefit people who are white.
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Leave No One Behind, Not Even the Animals: Implications for the New Meat Alternatives
A form of racism (or belief in superiority of one race above the others) expressed through the existing institutions within society and supported by its political system.
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Peer Support of Graduate Students of Color Through a Formal Graduate Student Association
The systematic distribution of resources, power, and opportunity by institutions to the benefit of people who are white and at the exclusion of people of color. It can be identified in the written or unwritten policies and processes of an institution that include attitudes and behavior which discriminate through prejudice, ignorance, and stereotyping which disadvantage racial minorities.
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When “Karen” Is Your Colleague: A Case Analysis on Managing Peer Policing in the Academy
The procedure and regulation created to benefit white people and simultaneously disadvantage black and brown people under the guise of policy, laws, and practices.
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A Forensic Psychological Perspective on Racism in Schools of Educational Leadership: Impact on Organizational Culture
Any system of unequal treatment based on race or skin color, and that an individual or group based on one’s race or skin color. It can occur in institutions, such as universities, business corporations, and public government bodies.
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