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What is Academic Community

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
This type of learner-realized real world community engagement falls within three realms of influence, specifically current course colleagues, prior course collegial support system, and current and prior instructors.
Published in Chapter:
Instructional Real World Community Engagement
Caroline M. Crawford (University of Houston – Clear Lake, USA)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 13
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch127
The impact of the instructional real world community engagement upon the learner's cognitive understanding and subject matter attainment is recognized as a viable and integrally important element within the learner's instructional process. The integration of an active instructional engagement at the real world community engagement level supports recognition of academic communities of engagement, personal communities of engagement, and professional communities of engagement. The academic community of engagement includes current course colleagues, prior course collegial support systems, and current and prior instructors. Within personal communities of engagement falls friends, family, and social connections. Within professional communities of engagement falls current work colleagues, prior work collegial support systems, and professional organization colleagues.
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The Magic of a Local Academic Community for Online Adult Learners in Completing the Doctoral Journey
A group of people in higher educational institutions who continuously engage in core intellectual activities such as teaching, learning and research.
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The Future of Business-to-Business Selling
The academic community refers to a group of individuals, typically scholars, researchers, students, and educators, who are associated with academic institutions such as universities and colleges. This community engages in intellectual pursuits, research, and the exchange of knowledge within a specific academic discipline (OpenAI, 2023 AU39: The in-text citation "OpenAI, 2023" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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Building a Brand in Virtual Learning Spaces: Why Student Connections Matter
An academic community is a structure that fosters creating, sharing, and applying knowledge. Academic communities include both co- and extra-curricular activities.
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