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What is Intelligent Vehicles

Handbook of Research on AI Methods and Applications in Computer Engineering
A vehicle that can collect and process information about its own status and the environment in order to make decisions, provide information, and react at the due time.
Published in Chapter:
Lightweight Neural Networks for Pedestrian Detection in Intelligent Vehicles
Riadh Ayachi (University of Monastir, Tunisia), Mouna Afif (University of Monastir, Tunisia), Yahia Said (University of Monastir, Tunisia), and Abdessalem Ben Abdelali (University of Monastir, Tunisia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6937-8.ch022
Most actual intelligent vehicles (IV) are powered by a variety of sensors and cameras. Vision-based applications for IV mainly require visual information. In this paper, the authors introduce a pedestrian detection application used for pedestrian safety. The authors proposed a deep fully convolutional neural network (DFCNN) for pedestrian detection. The proposed model is suitable for mobile implementation. To do this, the authors propose to build lightweight blocks using convolution layers, and replace pooling layers and fully connected layers with convolution layers. Training and testing of the proposed DFCNN model for pedestrian detection were performed using the Caltech dataset. The proposed DFCNN has achieved 85% of average precision and an inference speed of 30 FPS. The reported results have demonstrated the robustness of the proposed DFCNN for pedestrian detection. The achieved performance was low computation complexity and high performance.
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Ambient Intelligence Environments
A vehicle equipped with sensors and decision support components.
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