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What is Fluctuations in Demand

Innovative Strategic Planning and International Collaboration for the Mitigation of Global Crises
Increase and decreas in purchasing activity caused by direct and/or indirect influences.
Published in Chapter:
International Cooperation in Mitigating Global Air Transport Crises: The Response of the Airports and Airlines to Critical Developments in the Industry
Jan Zýka (Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze, Czech Republic), Michal Červinka (Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze, Czech Republic), and Lucie Vosečková (Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze, Czech Republic)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8339-5.ch012
The authors deal with the unprecedented effects of COVID-19 on the air transport sector and the reactions of selected segments to this situation. Air transport is a global industry, and this situation needs to be addressed through cooperation at an international level. The authors focus on the airport and airline sector, which, due to the nature of their business, chooses a different strategy. Despite the need for international cooperation, there are also efforts to use the crisis situation for its own expansion into vacant market segments, especially by selected low-cost air carriers. The strategic starting points of international organizations for individual sectors are given as well as examples of selected airport entities and airlines. The chapter is complemented by a common approach of airports and air carriers, which could significantly affect the cost of air transport, especially in the EU.
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