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What is Intersubjectivity

A Cultural Historical Approach to Social Displacement and University-Community Engagement: Emerging Research and Opportunities
The emergent interactive process of developing a shared attentiveness to or sense of a common object through sociocultural activity.
Published in Chapter:
Displacement and Dialogue: University-Community Engagement as an Expansive Learning Process
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7400-3.ch005
In this chapter, the authors draw on UC Links research to define university-community engagement as a form of expansive learning. Through comparative analysis of various program sites, the authors examine how UC Links community and university partners have worked together to build programmatic strategies for re-engaging disengaged students through innovative learning activities that have been developed in collaboration and through a process of critical dialoguing between community and university people. The authors begin with an ethnographic look at Oakland Y-PLAN (Youth – Plan, Learn, Act, Now) to show how these activities exemplify young people's expansive learning and how adults and young people from the university, the community, and multiple local organizations and agencies have learned how to work together productively – in other words, how they have learned to listen to each other's voices to transform the oppressive structures of the past and present and, in this way, envision and build a more equitable future.
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Consensual Concept Maps in Early Childhood Education
Process of interpsychological regulation that takes place within a context of social interaction among equals and where participants attempt to collaboratively co-construct solutions.
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On the Mutual Inherence of Regional and Global References: The Case of the “Near-Abroad” and “Post-Bipolarity”
Is to be understood as the collectively expanded objectivity of the world with collective recognition of meanings and entities that may otherwise have no direct correspondence with the objectivity in the narrow sense.
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Corporeal Architecture: A Methodology to Teach Interior Design and Architecture With a Focus on Embodiment
The capacity of one body to relate and establish affective bonds with other bodies and objects in the environment.
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Queer Phenomenology: Orienting Inquiry in Curriculum Studies
The collective thoughts, feelings, and understandings of objects and other subjects shared between two or more people-in-the-world.
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