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What is Public Sector Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Opportunities for Global Economic Growth
Encompasses the whole set of measures adopted and developed by local, regional, and national authorities to support self-employed entrepreneurs to start their own businesses but also to give them support through the developed networks. Additionally, it encompasses all the innovative ways of action and acting of public powers and their agents that promote economic growth, collaboration with the market, and the citizens as to encourage sustainable development.
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Is There Entrepreneurship Within the Public Sector?: A Literature Review
Raquel Pereira (Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), Maria Clara Ribeiro (Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), Orlando Manuel Martins Marques Lima Rua (Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), and Diana Martins (Catholic University of Porto, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6942-8.ch005
Because of its importance as a key factor to economic development, the study of entrepreneurship has been considerably developed in the past decades. Entrepreneurship is broadly diversified, which is associated with, for example, studies in the field of business, social, female, and young entrepreneurship. If, on the one hand, it is a fact that entrepreneurship and its study are mainly associated with the private initiative, there is, on the other hand, a question to be asked: Is there entrepreneurship in the public sector? Though still incipient, the study of entrepreneurship applied to the public sector and the acts of the public managers as entrepreneurs have revealed themselves to be themes with increasing interest. To contribute to a better conceptual understanding of this theme, namely its questions, ideas, and current debate, this work presents some theoretical reflexions and a relevant literature review on entrepreneurship in a public sector context.
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Co-Operation between the Public Administration and Non-Profit Organisations as a Condition of the Development of Public Entrepreneurship: On the Example of the Selected World Solutions
(refers to state/semi-state enterprises) In this research is the process that exists within the public sector organisation that results in innovative activities such as the development of new and existing services, technologies, administrative techniques, and new improved strategies, risk taking and productivity ( Kearney, Hisrich & Roche 2009 , p. 29).
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