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What is Kano Model

Handbook of Research on Management of Cultural Products: E-Relationship Marketing and Accessibility Perspectives
Is a useful and practical approach for identifying customer needs and transforming them into design requirements, engineering specifications, and ultimately production details.
Published in Chapter:
The Culture on the Palm of Your Hand: How to Design a User Oriented Mobile App for Museums
Federica Palumbo (Business Systems Laboratory, Italy & Sapienza University of Rome, Italy), Gandolfo Dominici (Business Systems Laboratory, Italy & University of Palermo, Italy), and Gianpaolo Basile (Business Systems Laboratory, Italy & University of Salerno, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-5007-7.ch011
The increased usage of mobile apps has a great potential for the tourism industry. Through the use of mobile apps, web portals and social media may allow a fast and wide diffusion of awareness for museum and attract a large number of visitors, thus increasing the value of their image, with moderate investments. The aim of this chapter is to identify the key factors as antecedents of customer satisfaction for the design of a mobile app for a museum. To this aim, the authors use the Kano model that allows categorizing service attributes according to how they are perceived by customers and estimating their impact on customer satisfaction. This model is adopted in order to identify express and latent needs of cultural tourists and to design a mobile app for museum according to their perceptions and expectations. To apply the Kano model, the authors used qualitative data collected through 300 questionnaires administered to tourists visiting the Sicilian cities of Palermo and Trapani over a period of 3 months (October- December 2012). The results of this analysis can be relevant for museum and public managers to plan strategic and operative activities, for researchers in the field of touristic marketing, for application developers, and for all those concerned with touristic and cultural heritage issues.
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Service Innovation for Customer Engagement in the Italian Banking Sector: A Case Study
A model to evaluate product or service attributes on the basis of customer satisfaction.
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Agro-Tourism Customer Satisfaction Analysis Based on the Theory of Attractive Quality
A theory of customer satisfactions used to classify customer needs and prioritize product/service attributes.
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