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What is Kindergarten

Educational Research in the Age of Anthropocene
In some states of Australia, the year before formal schooling for children four to five years old.
Published in Chapter:
Adults Researching Pre-Schoolers in More-Than-Human Contexts: Rethinking Ethnographer Roles in the Age of the Anthropocene
Fiona Scott (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) and Jo Bird (University of New England, Australia)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 34
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5317-5.ch006
Drawing on their reflective conversations, the authors argue that existing educational research paradigms may be insufficient for understanding how researchers are mutually affecting, and affected by, encounters with both the human and more-than-human, as spoken of in Rautio and Jokinen, whilst engaging in ethnographic research with pre-school children. Through empirically grounded reflections in the social and material spaces of kindergartens and family homes, we aim to reflect and raise critical questions about existing educational research paradigms, focusing on: 1. The intrinsic tensions between child-centered and post-human paradigms. 2. The (in)stability of researcher identity in the Anthropocene. 3. The unique research context(s) of early childhood play. The chapter concludes by proposing for debate several new norms for the kind of ‘identity work' in which researchers grappling with the emergent post-human and Anthropocentric traditions might consider engaging.
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How School Leaders Can Support Teachers With Program Implementation
Grade level for children typically of five- to six-years-old and often the entry grade for elementary school settings; Student participation is not mandated for parents in the state of New Jersey.
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Understanding Head Start Children's Transitions to Kindergarten: Data From the Family and Child Experiences Survey
In the United States, the initial year of elementary school, usually enrolling children at age five.
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Child's Readiness for Compulsory Education in the Context of Research and Development Aimed at Czech Kindergartens
Is a preschool educational approach traditionally based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.
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Digital Technology in Kindergarten: Challenges and Opportunities
Children attend kindergarten aged from 3.5 to 4.5 years of age.
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