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What is Knowledge Application

Handbook of Research on Organizational Culture Strategies for Effective Knowledge Management and Performance
It refers to the process to employ knowledge to products, services, and process of the organization with the intention to enhance the effectiveness of knowledge which is created, validated, and distributed.
Published in Chapter:
Impact of Adhocracy Organizational Culture on Effective Knowledge Management
Mehmet Kiziloglu (Pamukkale University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7422-5.ch006
All companies in today's world are in intense competition. In order to survive the competition and always be one step ahead, all industries are required to give considerable importance to creating adhocracy culture within the firm, according to which employees must be provided with freedom and support. The employees should be encouraged to share their ideas and point of views with others and to take risks because today's most valuable asset is knowledge. This can ultimately help in enhancing creativity and innovation within the firm. The use of supportive culture is helpful for ensuring effective knowledge management practices within the firm. The focus of this research study was on investigating the importance of adhocracy organizational culture in terms of ensuring effective knowledge management. Based on findings of this study, it was found that there is a significant positive impact of adhocracy organizational culture on effective knowledge management.
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eService-Learning: Bridging Online Graduate Students' Sense of Belonging With Community Engagement
The ability to transfer knowledge across settings, to apply learned material to real-life applications.
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Customer Knowledge Management (CKM): A Way to Increase Customer Satisfaction
Is the process of integrating knowledge into an organization’s products or services.
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Technology-Powered Education Post Pandemic: Importance of Knowledge Management in Education
It is defined as use and application of available knowledge to make decisions and perform tasks through direction and routines. Associating knowledge gained with existing background information helps to build greater meaning and increased engagement.
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Application of Cognitive Map in Knowledge Management
Those activities concerned with deploying knowledge in order to produce goods and services.
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