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What is Land

Handbook of Research on In-Country Determinants and Implications of Foreign Land Acquisitions
The surface of the Earth, the materials beneath, the air above, and all things fixed to the soil.
Published in Chapter:
International Land Deals and Agricultural Investment in Ethiopia: Cases from Gambella and Benishangul-Gumuz Regions
Kassa T. Alemu (Ethiopian Civil Service University, Ethiopia & University of South Africa, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-7405-9.ch009
This chapter investigates land deals processes and the effects on livelihoods in Gambella and Benishangul-Gumuz. It applies quantitative and qualitative data from primary and secondary sources. It describes the land deals, actors involved, and the effect of the deal on villagers' land rights, food security, job creation, technology transfer, and sustainable use of natural resources. The study concludes that the government effort towards large-scale land deals and agricultural investment is promising. However, there is a gap regarding making the deals a win-win situation for stakeholders. Therefore, it is recommended that the governance of land deals need to be improved, and the capacity of the three actors—the government, investors, and local communities—need to be developed to play their respective roles in the deals. It is also recommended that effective monitoring and control mechanisms related to large-scale agricultural investments should be put in place and properly implemented.
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Compensating Landholders in Tanzania: The Law and the Practice
Includes the surface of the earth and the earth below the surface and all substances other than minerals or petroleum forming part of or below the surface, things naturally growing on the land, buildings and other structures.
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Land Use Land Cover Dynamics in Ribb Watershed and Its Implication to the Sustainability of Ribb Dam: South Gondar, Ethiopia
Land is any definable area of the Earth’s terrestrial surface involving all attributes of the biosphere immediately above and below this surface.
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Management of the Public Land in Morocco Actors and Logics
A part of Earth that is not covered by water.
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Factors Influencing Foreign Land Acquisition and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
It is the earth surface including the sea excluding the sky; it is one of the major factors of production.
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Foreign Land Acquisition: Food Security and Food Chains – The Nigerian Experience
Includes all physical elements in the wealth of a nation bestowed by nature; such as climate, environment, fields, forests, minerals, mountains, lakes, streams, seas, and animals.
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Land, Rights, and Tenure Insecurity on Customary Land in Zambia: Protecting “Thyselves”
Area of land comprising physical space on which various rights are assigned.
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Implications of Foreign Land Acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of Grey Literatures
Land is all the area of the earth's surface, including the physical environment such as landforms, climate and hydrology, plant and animal population, and the physical results of human activity like terraces and drainage works
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