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What is Language Ideologies

Handbook of Research on Teacher Practices for Diverse Writing Instruction
The often-covert power dynamics underpinning notions of language that lead us to consider some languaging practices as superior to others. This sense of superiority is rooted in racial hierarchies and stems from white supremacy (see Lippi-Green, 2012).
Published in Chapter:
“I Am Unsure Where to Draw the Line”: Writing Conferences, Language Ideologies, and the Student Teacher/Cooperating Teacher Relationship
Katie Nagrotsky (Sacred Heart University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6213-3.ch015
The author analyzes a case study of one pre-service teacher's reflections from her experiences student teaching in order to think through some of the issues teacher educators face when supporting pre-service teachers to become teachers of writing. Findings reveal that, as this pre-service teacher developed a critical stance that acknowledged the linguicism she witnessed in her student teaching placement, she also struggled with how to actualize her learning to address deficit language ideologies in writing conferences and to communicate her beliefs about “appropriateness” to her cooperating teacher. Recommendations for supporting pre-service teachers as they continue to develop as writing teachers and educators capable of recognizing and disrupting linguicism are provided.
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Enacting a Raciolinguistic Perspective for the “New Mainstream” in Literacy Classrooms
The beliefs one has about language practices and its speakers, usually including what is (in)appropriate.
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Becoming Teacher Researchers: Using English Learners' Linguistic Capital to Socially Re-Organize Learning
The beliefs and attitudes about the nature, function, and purpose of language in everyday interactions. There is an emphasis on beliefs as practice.
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Empowering Students: Decentering the English Monolingual Norm Through Discourse
Beliefs around language use. For example, some people may believe all immigrants should not speak their home languages and use English only whereas others may believe immigrants can maintain their home languages while learning and using English. These beliefs reflect their language ideologies.
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Latinx and Immigrant Heritage Language Maintenance
Is an analysis of what people think about language.
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The Role of Language Ideologies in the Self-Efficacy of Pre-Service Bilingual Education Teachers
The beliefs one has regarding language and its place in society or a given environment.
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Exploring the Impact of Service-Learning on Literacy Teachers' Self-Reported Empathy
The beliefs, feelings, or characteristics of language embedded within the context of social worlds.
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