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What is Language Learning Strategies

Innovations and Technologies for Soft Skill Development and Learning
A plan, step, and action used by a learner to accomplish a particular language task or to learn the language.
Published in Chapter:
One Size Doesn't Fit for All: An Empirical Study of Language Learning Strategies of Rural Learners
Anto Maria Eusobia (Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3464-9.ch024
Language is a means of communication. Learning a mother tongue is an ecstasy, but learning a second language is an acrimonious bliss. There is many research which focus on the enhancement of L2 learning. One of the ways to enhance the L2 learning is to focus on the individual differences (IDs) of the learners. Where one size does not fit for all. Each learner enjoys and searches the apt one for their size. This chapter focuses on one of the IDs i.e. language learning strategies (LLS). It is the actions, plans, and steps possessed and developed by the learner to enhance the L2 learning. This chapter is an attempt to investigate the awareness of rural learners about their LLS, and to identify the strategy preferences of the rural intermediate level learners and the tertiary level learners. Thus, this chapter identifies the awareness and preferences of LLS of rural learners.
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More Results
A Framework for the Assessment of Learner Autonomy in Language Learning: Establishment of a Measuring Scale and Bands
The core of the tasks in the supplementary material that was designed for the learner training which the learners in the two treatment groups were exposed to.
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Assessment of Language Learning Strategies in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment
The behavioral, mental, or physical procedures that learners use to quicken the acquisition of certain skill or system within the overall language learning process.
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