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What is Relationality

Change Management During Unprecedented Times
An attention to the dyadic and group experience of the inter-personal rather than the sovereign individual.
Published in Chapter:
Leading Change in an Unpredictable World: What Does Sustainable, Resilient Change Look Like?
Jennifer Bryan (ABChange Consultancy, UK) and John Higgins (The Right Conversation, UK)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7509-6.ch002
Both leadership and change are contested labels and there is no universal definition. What is usefully understood by leadership and change is specific to the unique nature of a particular change and the evolving context within which it is being carried out. By paying attention to what is specifically needed in the moment around leaders and leading, change leadership becomes an approach that is fit for a specific purpose and avoids becoming a generic approach which is incapable of adjusting to local realities. By noticing how the context of change is evolving and assumptions become validated and invalidated, the fitness of the chosen approach is also kept under constant review.
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Building Relationships and Fostering a Community of Care Using a Trauma-Informed Leadership Approach
The belief that reality is constituted by relationships and that everyone and everything is connected; relationships are foundational within Indigenous communities.
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Resisting the “Tyranny of an Expert”: A Journey Towards Relational Research
A research approach that is based on relations with research partners.
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