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What is Learned Helplessness

Handbook of Research on Leadership and Advocacy for Children and Families in Rural Poverty
Individuals taking on a “victim” role regarding their ability to become empowered to make a positive change to improve their quality of life.
Published in Chapter:
Counseling Families and Children in Rural Poverty
Michele Mahr (California State University, Sacramento, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2787-0.ch008
This chapter discusses the unique needs and barriers that families and children living in rural poverty face regarding mental health counseling. It provides a literature review and specific statistics relevant to why this is a significant societal concern. Recommendations, resources, strategies, and techniques are provided for educators and counselors to implement in order to move forward to assist this marginalized population by using a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to assist the families who struggle with emotional, social, and cognitive needs. Once counselors and educators are aware of what defines poverty and the consequences of this global issue, we can move forward to progress towards a proactive and preventative approach to stop the cycle of poverty. Addressing how to decrease the number of families who are negatively affected by the lack of resources, decreased medical access, limited social support, and low self-efficacy may contribute to a better quality of life.
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Enhanced Instructional Presentations and Field-Webs
A psychological situation resulting from the learner’s inability to control their learning situation. It leads to passivity in the learner.
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Cyberwar: Its Psychological Impact on Employees and Consequences for Organizations
Learned helplessness is a condition that develops after repeated exposure to unpleasant situations. They come to feel that they cannot control or alter the situation, therefore they do not attempt to do so when opportunities arise.
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Digital Burnout in Second Language Acquisition: Exploring Challenges and Solutions in the Chinese Context
A psychological condition wherein individuals believe that they have no control over their situation, which can affect motivation and the ability to overcome challenges.
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