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What is Learner-Centered Approach

Impacts of Globalization and Innovation in Mathematics Education
An educational approach that focuses on the needs and abilities of the learner, rather than the teacher or the curriculum.
Published in Chapter:
Mathematics Teacher Education in a Globalized Age: Heutagogy and Virtual Learning Environments in Context
Angel Mukuka (Walter Sisulu University, South Africa), Jogymol K. Alex (United Arab Emirates University, UAE), and Benjamin Tatira (Walter Sisulu University, South Africa)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 26
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-2873-6.ch003
Globalization has a significant bearing on mathematics teacher education and there is need for a comprehensive restructuring to meet the demands of the interconnected world. This study advocates for a paradigm shift that encompasses cross-cultural competencies, linguistic diversity, and a nuanced understanding of global educational trends. It further highlights the significant influence of virtual learning environments (VLEs) in responding to the challenges posed by globalization and emphasizes the synergy between VLEs and heutagogical practices. Drawing from the cited case studies and other existing literature, this chapter underscores the departure from conventional pedagogical methods towards a learner-cantered, self-determined approach. The chapter concludes by discussing the far-reaching implications for policy, practice, and theory, urging stakeholders to recognize the benefits of heutagogy in preparing mathematics teachers for the complexities of the twenty-first century teaching and learning.
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Reflective E-Learning Pedagogy
A pedagogical approach that respects learners’ diverse needs and places learners’ voices in the center of the course design. It emphasizes learners’ ownership through learners’ active search for meaning in content and application of personal experiences.
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Learner-Centered Approach: The Historical and Ideological Boundaries of the Past, Present, and Future in Higher Education
It is an educational ecosystem aligning the curriculum by the learner’s needs and interests, constructing the philosophy of instruction and pedagogy, organizing the roles of teacher-learner, designing the inside-outside learning environment in terms of life-long learning approach.
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Use of Technology With Problem-Based Learning in Higher Education
Approach that shifts instruction from instructor to learners who bring their own knowledge, experiences, education, and ideas in order to capture new information
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How CyberCoaching System Works
An approach to teaching and learning that focuses on learning directed by the learner rather than directed by the instructor.
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