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What is Content validity

Learning and Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education in Oceania
The ability of the test to assess specific skills through question selection and wording.
Published in Chapter:
Learning From Our Ancestors: Rethinking the Final Exam in Higher Education
Lazaro Taitano Quinata (University of Guam, Guam) and Kirk Johnson (University of Guam, Guam)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7736-3.ch010
This chapter reflects on the challenges of criterion-referenced final examinations in higher education within the context of Micronesian cultural realities and suggests alternative approaches that may contribute more constructively to student success. The first explores the transformative role that mentor relationships can have on both student engagement and purposeful and meaningful faculty-student interaction. The second appreciates the powerful contribution that connectivity plays as professors work to create a community of scholars within their university courses. And finally, the authors highlight the value of publishing as a pedagogic tool within a university course that elevates the process of research and writing making the work all the more important and meaningful to students. All three approaches are particularly meaningful due to the cultural relevance of each to Micronesian people.
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Employing Content Validity Approach for Improving the Content of Broadband Adoption Survey Instrument
The “degree to which items in an instrument reflect the content universe to which the instrument will be generalized” (Straub et al., 2004).
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Towards Achieving a Sustainable Lean Transformation: Measuring Tangible and Intangible Gains
The extent to which an instrument convincingly appears to assess the intended variable in a logical manner.
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Evaluating Systemic Assistive Technology Needs
The property of an instrument or test’s content to capture the interested area to be measured.
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A Survey on the Adoption and Usage of Broadband Internet
Content validity is representativeness or sampling adequacy of the measure. It refers to the extent to which a test represents the universe of items from which it is drawn (Salkind, 2000). The measurement has content validity when its contents (e.g., questions) adequately represent the construct it measures.
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A Primer on Survey Research
Validity evidence that addresses the extent to which the instrument measures the intended content area, generally examined through professional judgement.
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(Re)building Our Understanding of Race Measures in Education
Whether the domain of a concept as measured represents the domain in reality.
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An Introduction to Survey Research
The extent to which the survey represents all important facets of a construct.
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Flipped Spiral Foreign Language Assessment Literacy Model (FLISLALM) for Developing Pre-service English Language Teachers' Language Assessment Literacy
It is the degree to which a test or assessment instrument evaluates all aspects of the topic, construct, or behaviour that it is designed to measure. Low content validity shows that the exam does not cover all necessary aspect of the topic while high values indicate that the test covers most or all of the topic for the target audience.
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