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What is Normative Isomorphism

Handbook of Research on E-Learning Standards and Interoperability: Frameworks and Issues
Change that is driven by professionalism and the emergence of ‘legitimated professional practices’ that result in pressure for institutions to conform because their staff are able to draw on organized professional networks and professional standards that guide their activities (Demers, 2007, p34).
Published in Chapter:
E-Learning Standards: Beyond Technical Standards to Guides for Professional Practice
Stephen Marshall (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-789-9.ch008
Over the past decade e-learning standards have attracted substantial and growing attention from practitioners, institutions and governments. Millions of dollars are being invested in a process of standardization that, while aimed at supporting e-learning, seems to have neglected pedagogy and the need to engage with practitioners who are not technology specialists. In parallel, a culture of quality assurance has developed internationally within higher education resulting in quality frameworks that are driven by external compliance agendas rather than directly influencing the quality of the student and teacher experience of education. The e-learning Maturity Model provides a standard that guides professionals and organizations in assessing their e-learning capability, but also complements this with quality enhancement and feasibility elements that support reflection, prioritization of resources and guide personal and organizational development of e-learning.
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Strategic Leadership in Higher Education: Embracing Challenge, Change, and Paradox
The process through which professionalisms within a specific field influences organizations changing over time and becoming more similar to one another.
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