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What is Librarian

Big Data Applications for Improving Library Services
A person trained in library science and engaged in library service.
Published in Chapter:
Awareness of Big Data Usage and Applications Among Librarians in Zimbabwe
Josiline Phiri Chigwada (Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe) and Justice Kasiroori (Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 13
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3049-8.ch002
The chapter showcases the awareness of big data usage among librarians in Zimbabwe. The concept of big data is new, and librarians are building capacity to move with the current trends in librarianship. This chapter assists in pointing areas where big data can be applied in libraries. It also documents the challenges that are faced when using big data applications and proffer solutions that can be applied to deal with those challenges. It answers the question of whether it is practical to utilise big data in any type of library. A qualitative study was done where an online questionnaire was administered to twenty librarians in research institutions in Zimbabwe. The findings revealed that librarians are aware of the big data concept but are not utilising the tools and techniques in data mining and analysis. The authors recommend that capacity building should be done to equip librarians with the requisite skills.
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Library Consortia in Nigeria and the Place of ICT
A librarian is a professional who studied Library and Information Science and works in a library. A librarian deals with print and non print materials. His or her major duty is to offer library services to the library clientele.
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Data Scholarship and Student Engagement: Extra-curricular Research Investigations and Academic Libraries
An inspirational thought leader, committed to global change in knowledge creation and discovery through learning, teaching, and scholarship.
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Research Data Management in an Academic Library
A librarian is a person that studies library in higher institution and works professionally in a library.
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Innovative Thinking Skills for 21st Century Librarians
A professional that has fulfilled the requirements in the science of library and information with the qualification to practice.
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Librarian Skillsets in the 21st Century: The Changing Role of Librarians in the Digital Era
An information professional who knows how to manage books and other information sources in all formats.
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