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What is Logic Modeling

Handbook of Research on Innovative Pedagogies and Best Practices in Teacher Education
A visual road map to prompt users to identify outcomes and specific activities to reach those outcomes, and display progress within those activities.
Published in Chapter:
Systematic Evaluation of Innovative Pedagogies in Teacher Education Courses and Practica
Neal Shambaugh (West Virginia University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9232-7.ch011
Innovative pedagogies create new learning environments to help public school students achieve 21st century learning outcomes. Evaluating agreed upon criteria of what constitutes success with these pedagogies produces evidence that supports teacher effectiveness, which is embedded in teacher education program accountability reports and school improvement plans. This chapter describes how innovative pedagogies can be evaluated, first modeled in teacher education methods courses by higher education faculty and then taught in public schools by preservice teachers. The chapter first connects evaluation for teacher education program accreditation, program improvement goals, preservice teacher performance, and public school improvement plans. The chapter then examines the formative evaluation of innovative pedagogies during an implementation period and a more formal evaluation after an adequate test. Each level of evaluation is addressed for both teacher education courses and practica placements. Recommendations for best practices and research directions are provided.
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Ongoing and Systematic Academic Program Review
A process to identify a goal and supporting resources and activities to reach that goal and visually represent progress.
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