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What is Machine Translation

Natural Language Processing for Global and Local Business
The field of NLP that handles the task of automatically converting one source language text into another target language though pairing similar word, terms or sentence according parallel data or language transfer engines.
Published in Chapter:
Academy and Company Needs: The Past and Future of NLP
Tiago Martins da Cunha (UNILAB, Brazil)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4240-8.ch001
This chapter presents a view of how the use of NLP knowledge might change the relation between universities and companies. Products from NLP analysis are expected in both ends of this at times not so reciprocal exchange. But history has shown the products developed by universities and companies are complementary for the development of NLP. The great volume of data the world is producing is requiring newer perspectives to provide understanding. These newer aspects found on big data may provide the comprehension of human language categorization and therefore possibly human language acquisition. But to process data more data need to be produced and not all companies have the time to dedicate for this task. This chapter aims to present through sharing literature review and experience in the field that partnerships are the most reliable resource for the cycle of knowledge production in NLP. Companies need to be receptive of the theoretical knowledge the university may provide, and universities must turn their theoretical knowledge for a more applied envionment.
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Artificial Intelligence a Driver for Digital Transformation
An application of NLP used for language translation (human-to-human) in text- and speech-based conversations.
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Overview of Machine Translation Development
The automatic process carried out by a software for translating text from one language to another.
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Enhancing Automatic Speech Recognition and Speech Translation Using Google Translate
This is a process in which humans are not involved and artificial intelligence plays an important role. They help in converting text from one language to another language.
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Multilingual Collaboration in Electronic Meetings
Automated translation of a natural language pair (e.g., English to Spanish)
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Machine Translation Use in Language Learning: Learner Characteristics, Beliefs, and Ethical Concerns
A type of translation between two languages that is automatically performed through use of AI generated tools and machines.
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Error Types in Natural Language Processing in Inflectional Languages
Translation of text or speech from the source language to the target language by a computer, with no human involvement.
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NLP Techniques and Challenges to Process Social Media Data
Machine Translation is an application of NLP that performs the translation of text encoded in one language to some other language.
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Combining Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Language-Specific, Multi-Lingual, and Cross-Lingual Text Summarization: A Wide-Ranging Overview
Automatic translation of sentences or documents from a source language to a target language by means of automatic algorithms.
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Suggestions for Communication of Information for Multicultural Co-Existence
This refers to the use of computers to translate into other languages. As translation of natural languages can contain several mistranslations due to omissions of words or mode of expression, it is used most often in the translation of technical documents such as manuals. Currently, it is sold as an application using the technologies of AI (artificial intelligence), and services are provided on the web pages.
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Quality Assurance in Computer-Assisted Translation in Business Environments
Use of computer software/programs when translating from one natural language into another, performed by automatic machine translation or by integrated machine translation, which can include various technologies (e.g. automatic machine translation integrated with speech technologies, computer-assisted translation, optical character recognition (OCR), etc.)
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