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What is Macho

Handbook of Research on Social Marketing and Its Influence on Animal Origin Food Product Consumption
A man who is explicitly proud of his masculinity.
Published in Chapter:
What Is More Important: Perception of Masculinity or Personal Health and the Environment?
Diana Bogueva (Curtin University, Australia) and Dora Marinova (Curtin University, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-4757-0.ch010
The unnecessary question what a man is without his masculinity, is deeply ingrained into the socially established norms of strength, power, virility and machoism. Although the traditional male masculinity stereotype and its association with meat consumption are still undisputable for many “real” men, there is indication about a shift toward a new modern evolutionary masculinity which reflects more sustainability values. The chapter explores this based on a survey of Sydney men. It reveals the influence of new factors, such as environmental, health and animal welfare concerns, which shape the concept of the masculine. Meat-eating men will experience increasing pressure to defend their traditional masculinity. The Sydney study also explores the factors likely to influence Australian men to replace a meat-centred diet with more plant-based alternatives.
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Reconciling Not Eating Meat and Masculinity in the Marketing Discourse for New Food Alternatives
A man who is explicitly proud of his masculinity; the term is also associated with an assumption that such a man will be assertively and even aggressively displaying his masculinity.
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