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What is Management Accounting

Transformation and Efficiency Enhancement of Public Utilities Systems: Multidimensional Aspects and Perspectives
It is a field of accounting that focuses on providing financial information to managers within an organization to help them make decisions and involves analyzing financial data, creating budgets, and forecasting the future financial performance of the company.
Published in Chapter:
The Role and Significance of Environmental Accounting for Sustainable Business Development
Bojana Novićević Čečević (University of Niš, Serbia), Milica Đorđević (University of Niš, Serbia), and Marina Stanojević (University of Niš, Serbia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7730-4.ch011
In the contemporary circumstances, one of the greatest challenges companies are facing is the identification of environmental costs, both due to the lack of a unique classification and accounting coverage and because they occur when taking or not taking measures related to and relevant to environmental protection. Neglecting the ecological aspect of business increases the risk of a discrepancy between the consumption of natural resources and their limited availability. In order to cope with the constantly growing competition in modern business conditions, companies need an adequate information base. This information base is provided by environmental management accounting. It is focused on the use and management of natural resources and environmental costs as well as identifying the responsibility of individuals and the entire company for activities that are carried out to improve the environment. The aim of the chapter is to point out the role and importance of environmental accounting and especially management accounting for sustainable business development.
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The Management Accounting System and Enterprise Innovation Ability
The management accounting system refers to the systematic use of accounting data to achieve organizational goals.
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Management Accountants' Skills and Competencies: How Business Analytics Tools Reshape the Future
The act of providing a company with financial information and guidance for the purpose of improving and expanding its operations.
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Management Accounting in the Digital Economy: Evolution and Perspectives
The process of cost and business analysis for preparing internal financial reports to provide the necessary information to managers in making appeals and achieving business objectives.
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IT Security Investment Decision by New Zealand Owner-Managers
The process and analysis of information, such as cost, by the owner-manager in considering alternatives to achieve strategic goals.
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Activity-Based Costing in the Portuguese Telecommunications Industry
The provision of information required to formulate policies, planning and controlling the activities of an organisation, and to support decision-making processes and pricing strategies
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