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What is Materialism

Handbook of Research on Ethical Challenges in Higher Education Leadership and Administration
Philosophical belief that ideas are the product of existing social relations (cf. “It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.” – Karl Marx).
Published in Chapter:
Administrative Ethics in the Corporate College: Paradoxes, Dilemmas, and Contradictions
Howard A. Doughty (Seneca College, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4141-8.ch008
Changes in the mission, organization, and administration of colleges and universities reflect the transformation from elite to mass to universal access institutions. Curriculum, pedagogy, academic standards, funding, and employer-employee relations have been transformed. Administration has increasingly become management in name and in nature, as the labor process of educational work mimics that of private-sector corporations. Meanwhile, the social purposes of higher education have shifted toward explicitly economic aims and away from intellectual pursuits. Colleges and universities increasingly pursue methods of technical and practical control over human and non-human nature in the interest of prosperity and progress. Academic values of open inquiry are compromised and largely eclipsed by market demands for employability skills and commercially based research. This chapter urges an ongoing critique of higher education in late capitalism, institutional governance reform, and critical interrogation of education as teachers and students address imminent and potentially catastrophic economic, ecological, and ethical problems.
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A (Critical) Distance: Contingent Labor, MOOCs, and Teaching Online
Attention to the material realities of work, such as working conditions, pay, physical and mental demands, etc.
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A Digital Scholarship Project on Materialism Among Children and Adolescents
The value orientation that places possessions in a central role in a person’s life, and associating happiness as well as success with possessions.
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Polarization in Consumer Behavior: The Rise of Minimalism in a Materialist World
A value system emphasizing material possessions as the primary focus and source of life satisfaction.
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Shopping Well-Being and Ill-Being: Toward an Integrated Model
People who are materialistic lace much value of the material life compared to other life domains such as family life, work life, community life, and spiritual life.
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Combating the “Gimme More” Mindset in Modern Classrooms: Citizenship Education vs. Entitlement
A belief that values products and purchased items above personal and even spiritual relationships.
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Tainted Away: Violence Over Nature in the Anime of Hayao Miyazaki
The belief that material possessions and comfort are more important than spiritual values.
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Mimetic Desire as Illustrated in The Joneses
The belief that physical possessions are central to life and the source of happiness.
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The Psychology of Consumerism in Business and Marketing: The Macro and Micro Behaviors of Hofstede's Cultural Consumers
Is dominantly viewed as an individual’s real and desired relationship with economic goods, and the pursuit of economic objectives through consumption.
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The Digital Soul
A belief that all phenomena can be explained purely in terms of physical causes.
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A Dialectical Approach to Understanding the Critical Content of Alternative Media
A worldview that takes the material world as a basis for the interpretation of experience.
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Media Literacy Facilitation as Service Learning and Public Engagement
Valuing the acquisition of possessions above social, intellectual, and spiritual pursuits.
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