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What is Mathematics Education

Practical Perspectives on Educational Theory and Game Development
Is the formal teaching and learning of mathematical concepts. This is predominantly done in a formal setting such as schools.
Published in Chapter:
Examining the Guji Oromo Ethnomathematical Games and Concepts
Elfneh Udessa Bariso (AHEAD, UK), Fufa Esayas (Bule Hora University, Ethiopia), and Dereje Biru (Bule Hora University, Ethiopia)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 30
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5021-2.ch008
This chapter explores how the Guji Oromo people undertake ethnomathematical activities by applying their indigenous methods. Ethnomathematical activities include counting, locating (the activity of grouping, clustering, making network, etc.), measuring (the actions of quantifying, weighting, etc.), designing (planning, building, and pattern activities), playing (puzzles, paradoxes, models, games, hypothetical reasoning), and explaining (how to do things, activities [e.g., classifications, conventions, generalizations, and symbolic explanations]). This predominantly qualitative study identifies the indigenous ethnomathematical games and concepts and assesses the potential effectiveness of an integration of the ethnomathematics and formal mathematics on the learning/teaching experiences of pupils and teachers. Impacts of such integration on pupils' performance in mathematics assessment are examined. Such an action could enable to amalgamate the Western knowledge system with an African knowledge system to create synergy that might boost the quality of primary mathematics education in Ethiopia.
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More Results
Speaking Mathematically: The Role of Language and Communication in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Mathematics education is referred to as the practice of teaching and learning of mathematics in a way of solving problems involving learning the algorithms and formulas necessary for computations. It is a platform to learn and teach mathematics with better way.
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PotenziaMente: A Collection of Online Games for Learning Mathematics and Enhance Thought Processes
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Critical Thinking and Mathematics Teaching and Learning
The systems that encompass aspects of teaching, learning, and assessing mathematics.
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Investigating the Adult Learners' Experience when Solving Mathematical Word Problems
In the study is a field defined by a multiplicity of practices including: (1) The teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels in school and college (2) Out of school learning of mathematics (3) The design, writing and construction of texts and learning material (4) Research in mathematics education (Coben, D., O’Donoghue, J., & FitzSimons, G. E., 2000 AU149: The in-text citation "FitzSimons, G. E., 2000" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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The Metaverse and Mathematics Education: A Literature Review
It is the process of transferring knowledge, skills, and values related to mathematics to the next generation in a planned way and changing human behaviors through experiences.
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Integrating Computational Thinking and Mathematics: A Case Study on Four K-8 STEAM Programs in Ontario, Canada
The practice of teaching and learning of mathematics. In research, reference is made to mathematics education reform to refer to more helpful mathematics curricula and ways to teach and assess mathematics.
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