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What is Message Passing Interface

Handbook of Research on Nature-Inspired Computing for Economics and Management
A standard interface that allows access to memory areas of distant computers. Generally implemented by low-level programming languages, it also permits the communication between processes in execution on different computers.
Published in Chapter:
The Grid for Nature-Inspired Computing and Complex Simulations
R. Boero (University of Surrey, UK Università di Torino, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-984-7.ch013
This chapter deals with the usage of grid technologies for nature-inspired algorithms and complex simulations. After shortly introducing the grid and its technological state of the art, some features are pointed out in order to set the boundaries of the applicability of such new technology to the matters of interest. Then two paragraphs show some possible usages of grid technologies. The first one introduces the master-worker paradigm as a conceptual and technological scheme that helps in solving issues related to dynamic optimisation via nature-inspired algorithms and in exploring the parameters space of complex simulations. The following paragraph concerns two other points: the possibility to distribute agents of agent-based simulations using multi-agent systems; and the boundaries, architectures, and advantages in distributing parts of complex simulations which are heavy from the computational point of view. The chapter, as a whole, acts as a guide presenting applicative ideas and tools to exploit grid technological solutions for the considered purposes.
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Scalable Fault Tolerance for Large-Scale Parallel and Distributed Computing
Message Passing Interface is a specification for an API that allows different processes to communicate with one another.
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Effective Open-Source Performance Analysis Tools
A standard application programming interface used to implement communication between compute nodes or compute cores of a massively parallel supercomputer.
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Opportunities and Challenges in Porting a Parallel Code from a Tightly-Coupled System to the Distributed EU Grid, Enabling Grids for E-sciencE
A programming language-independent specification that provides a multimode communication protocol. Data Input/Output: activity to read/load data from data files and to produce data files of the computation result.
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Recent Trends in Parallel Computing
An international accepted standard for a message passing library used in C and Fortran programs and is available for most computer systems and operating systems.
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