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What is Vehicle Routing Problem

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Civil, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering
A classical problem in operation research, which is one of the most challenging combinatorial optimization tasks.
Published in Chapter:
Metaheuristics Approaches to Solve the Employee Bus Routing Problem With Clustering-Based Bus Stop Selection
Sinem Büyüksaatçı Kiriş (Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Turkey) and Tuncay Özcan (Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0301-0.ch012
Vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a complex problem in the Operations Research topic. School bus routing (SBR) is one of the application areas of VRP. It is also possible to examine the employee bus routing problem in the direction of SBR problem. This chapter presents a case study with data taken from a retail company for capacitated employee bus routing problem. A mathematical model was developed based on minimizing the total bus route distance. The number and location of bus stops were determined using k-means and fuzzy c-means clustering algorithms. LINGO optimization software was utilized to solve the mathematical model. Then, due to NP-Hard nature of the bus routing problem, simulated annealing (SA) and genetic algorithm (GA)-based approaches were proposed to solve the real-world problem. Finally, the performances of the proposed approaches were evaluated by comparing with classical heuristics such as saving algorithm and nearest neighbor algorithm. The numerical results showed that the proposed GA-based approach with k-means performed better than other approaches.
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More Results
Using a Hands-Free System to Manage Common Devices in Constrained Conditions
A combinatorial optimization and integer programming problem seeking to service a number of customers with a fleet of vehicles. Variants include the need to attaining certain restrictions as vehicles’ capacities’ and clients’ time windows.
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Artificial Neural Network in Operation Management Regarding Communication Issue
VRP is an extension of TSP. It is basically routing/scheduling of a set of different type vehicles in a specific network.
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Decision-Making for Biomass Harvesting Routing by using the Simulated Annealing
An integer programming model that allows the determination of the route that allows the vehicles that are the basis of planning to visit a certain set of customers.
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A Memetic Algorithm for the Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Limited Stocks
A set of customers with known demand are to be serviced by a homogenous fleet of vehicles with limited capacity.
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A Genetic Algorithm's Approach to the Optimization of Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems
A class of transportation optimization problem. It seeks to find the minimal length routes of provision to different clients.
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Multi-Criteria Decision Making With Machine Learning for Vehicle Routing Problem
To determine routes that start and end at a depot to meet all customers’ demands by visiting them once.
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Robust Vehicle Routing Solutions to Manage Time Windows in the Case of Uncertain Travel Times
A combinatorial optimization and integer programming problem looking to service (pick-up or delivery of goods) a number of customers with a predetermined fleet of vehicles.
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